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Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey American Spirit 15 Year Master Distiller Selection

Wild Turkey American Spirit 15 Year Master Distiller Selection

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Wild Turkey American Spirit, a 15 year-old bourbon that harkens back to the early days of the United States when both the country and whiskey were wild and real Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was saved for and savored on special occasions. Bottled at 50% ABV (100 US Bonded Proof), American Spirit is Master Distiller Jimmy Russell's nod to those early connoisseurs and to the young country that provided them with the opportunity to share a great spirit with their true friends. Produced as a limited edition, small-batch bourbon with only 6,000 bottles available in Japan, Wild Turkey American Spirit Master Distiller Selection is the perfect sipping bourbon to be shared with only your closest and dearest friends.

Product Grade: A
Age: 15 years
Alc/Vol: 50% (100 proof)
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