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Rare Perfection 25 Year Old Pre Willett KBD

Rare Perfection 25 Year Old Pre Willett KBD

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Rare Perfection 25 Year Old Bourbon. Rare Perfection is a small boutique bourbon brand created by the Palatella family. Their other brands include Very Olde St. Nick, Wattie Boone, Pure Antique, as well as the Vintage Bourbon and Vintage Rye bottles. They have been sourcing bourbon and bottling it for several decades. They were paramount in the 90s and early 2000s in sourcing some of the best bourbon produced and sent it to Japan where the demand for ultra-aged bourbons was at an all-time high. Marci Palatella was Julian Van Winkle III's agent in the Japanese market for many years, and their early bottlings were contracted to him in his Old Commonwealth distillery.

In the early 2000s, the Van Winkle partnership ended.  The production of bottles moved to the Willett distillery where they were bottled by Even Kulsveen of Kentucky Bourbon Distillers.  While the Willett distillery's stills were quiet at this point, KBD sourced most of their bourbon from Heaven Hill.  Even had a knack for picking amazing barrels and the barrels he sourced from Heaven Hill are among the best bourbon we've seen in that decade.

Grade: A-
Age: 25 years
Alc/Vol: 43% (86 proof)
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