Bottle Grading Guide

We've added this guide to garner expectations and to give our customers the best possible shopping experience.  While vintage bourbon, ryes, and whiskeys are prone to leakage, we do our best to seal bottles before shipping and secure them with all necessary means.  

Grade A+: Like new the day it was released

Grade A: Near perfect, no cracks in wax, label is clean of smudges/marks, only signs of aging are due to these being 20-30+ years old.

Grade A-: Minor imperfections.  Creases in the label.  Slight wear to a box/tube. Liquid clear.

Grade B+: Noticeable imperfections in labels and tubes.  Possible non connecting hairline cracks in wax.  Liquid clear.

Grade B: Noticeable wear to labels and tubes.  Visible cracks in wax though no signs of seepage or leakage.  Liquid clear.

Grade B-: Same as B but slightly hazy liquid.

Grade C: This is what we generally call a "drinker".  These bottles don't have collectible value anymore and the real value lies with the contents of the bottles.  Cracks in wax and label damage do not matter as these bottles are generally consumed right away on delivery.